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Auto diagnostic services. From check engine light diagnosis to noises and miss-functioning engines, transmissions, starters and other issues that are related to the operation of your vehicle.

Is Your Check Engine Light On?

Since the 1980s, the automotive computer has helped to control and monitor the vehicle’s performance. Regulating fuel mixture, and ignition timing. The catalytic converter has a tough job of making sure the exhaust is very clean. Catalytic converters have sensors that frequently get old and stop working. When that happens the engine light will trip. You want to address the engine light if it is on it is telling you something is wrong. To prevent damaging the catalytic converter you should have it diagnosed. If it a sensor it is a lot less than replacing a catalytic converter.

Warning Light On?

Newer cars computers also tell the automatic transmission when to shift and a lot of other things that are important to the vehicle running optimally. If any of your warning lights stay on, bring it by as quickly as you can to get your auto diagnostic tested. The old saying of: “You can pay me now or you can pay me later” is very true, the sooner you get it fixed the less likely you damage other components that will add to the cost of the repair.

Computer Car Diagnostic Test Services

Hurley’s Automotive can help you when you are you dealing with your check engine light coming on. A diagnosis will give a precise answer to what’s wrong with your vehicle. When you need it, get your diagnostic test services here, located in Central Point, Oregon.

Engine Service

So your engine light is on and you want to have it diagnosed at a shop that can also repair the problem.

Hurley’s Automotive is your engine experts!

Transmission Service

Transmissions need fluid changes about every 100,000 miles. Your make and model might be even sooner.

Over 30 years experience with transmissions!

Auto Electric Service

Are you having issues starting your vehicle? It could be an easy fix, but no matter what, we can also fix it.

Starter, battery and other power issues!

Hurley’s Automotive is conveniently located on highway 99 at 125 S Front St, Central Point, OR 97502. You will find us just south of pine street between Converse Carpets and Grange Co-Op. We hope we get an opportunity to work on your vehicle the next time it needs some tender loving care from a small business in our community.

Hurley’s Automotive is your auto diagnostic & repair center!

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If your vehicle is not running right or is just making a funny noise, it is an excellent idea to have that issue diagnosed by a professional auto mechanic as soon as you can. Schedule a Diagnostic Analysis of Your Vehicle Today! Hurley’s is a small shop with the expertise to get your auto back to normal fast. For best results always get your automotive issue put on our schedule.

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